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  Internal washing of containers, tanks occurs with help of high-efficiency washing heads connected to heating and capacity raising installations. There are four washing heads on the washing line, wich intended for tanks transport of chemical substances and three washing heads on line for suppliers of food stuffs. Efficiency of a washing raises by use of a high-efficiency steam boiler.

  The steam boiler provides to wash tanks and containers with using fast heating and simultaneously with it, boiler can heat four filled tank, container. Using the plenty of steam allows to make sterilization of tanks, witch transport food stuffs.

  Casting, drain pipes of lorries, witch transport foodstuff are cleared by means of the corrosion-proof adaptation located above a level of a floor in a covered hall which guarantees hygienic processing casting pipes. The wash of connecting details occurs by means of so-called corrosion-proof basket.

  Firms HUNGRANA and AGRANA as the companies, what engaged loading and transportation of food production, estimated work of our company and have recognized that conditions of clearing are correspond to standards. For reception corresponding qualification in the big degree was promoted that we possess АТР and Hp analytic equipment, and washing of connecting details, drain pipes occurs absolutely separately from cleaning chemical substances.

  Increase of a degree of quality of our services and satisfaction of our Clients we consider to prime purposes.

  Therefore, in a last period of time, as an result of technological developments invested in building transformations we have: a room of expectation (customs room), free-of-charge shower room, wash-up room and toilet room intended for drivers of lorries.

  For our clients are given automatic machines for coffee and drinks.

  Our company, in parallel with realization the mentioned above investments, passed SQAS Safety and Quality Assessment System (System of an estimation of safety and quality) audit which certificate has received on April 3rd 2007, in consequence of that enterprise has the right to give out ECD (European Cleaning Document).

  As a result of the made development and investments in the field of cleaning tanks, for today our company is the most modern washer in Hungary, capable to give a wide spectrum of high level services.